humans and the machines

when i started using electronic instruments i got interested in the relationship between humans and the machines. i quickly discovered that machines can be basically anything. indeed, the definition is: "an apparatus using mechanical power and having several parts, each with a definite function and together performing a particular task". in this definition, a guitar, a drumset, or a flute is as much as a machine as a synthetizer.

with this in mind, i curated a series of shows at Hart Bar in Bushwick, NYC, where i invited performers that i admire that have - in my humble opinion - interesting approaches to use their "machines".

i was humbled to have hosted artists such as: Tall Juan, Billy Martin, Joanna Mattrey, Seth Faergolzia, Diego Las Heras, Chaka Benson, Eric Lane, 5Tok3...

Humans and the Machines! flyer by Miranda Bruce

line up. flyer by Miranda Bruce

video of the performance by Billy Martin and Joanna Mattrey for Humans and the Machines. video by Don Mount.

Tall Juan

Preston Spurlock

Joanna Mattrey