chile de arriba a abajo

for the longest period now, i have been working on a show called "Chile de Arriba a Abajo". it is a revision of a record by Angel Parra and Manuel Rojas. The origina album was released in 1969, and i, along with a few chilean musicians re-imagined the music, incorporating new elements such as synthethizers, bass, piano, etc. so far, we have performed the show three times, at Museo de la Memoria, Museo Violeta Parrra, and Pichilemu, all in Chile.

we are currently applying to grants to be able to showcase it in different cities of the country. hopefully sooner than later, this long dream of mine will be a reality.

flyer for the performance at Museo de la Memoria, in Santiago, Chile

Canto de Chile! left to right: Marco Palma, moi, Cristian Campos and Cristian Mancilla.

the original album: Chile de Arriba a Abajo. music by Angel Parra (con los de la Peña), lyrics and spoken word by Manuel Rojas.

two parts of the concert we did at Museo de la Memoria, in Santiago Chile.