+++I used to play in a band called Pinc Louds, for 6 years. This is what some people had to say about it! NOT TO BAD!

“The catharsis is palpable. Rising from a subway performer to the soul of a city is fitting for a performer who arrived from Puerto Rico with little and now has NYC at their feet. In a time where beacons aren’t bountiful, let the shine of Pinc Louds be the remedy.” -Atwood Magazine

Pinc Louds is one of the most exciting bands I’ve ever encountered.”- Madness To Creation

“Pinc Louds combines all the best parts of NYC into one band. They’re underground, yet inclusive; they’re unique yet relatable and they encourage people to let their true selves shine.” - BTRtoday

“Concert-starved teenagers and crusty East Village denizens spun joyously in circles alongside young children and local drug dealers. “Pinc Louds saved summer,” observed one Tompkins-fixture, who goes by Grim. “The best thing to happen to this park in a long time.”- Gothamist

“When an artist cites Billie Holliday, Daniel Johnston, Pixies and Os Mutantes as their influences, it can be easy to assume they didn't understand the question. Pinc Louds, however, pull off this combination with flair.” - Deli Magazine

"Pinc Louds pretty much saved the summer in downtown Manhattan. Their music is energizing.” - Charlie Crespo, ABC News

“Pinc Louds were among the artists who took charge and said "We're not going down without a fight." That fight involved socially distanced mosh pits and meetups in the park. We could've lost this summer, but at least in the East Village of New York City, Pinc Louds saved it. Pinc Louds saved our summer.” - Comedian, Ari Shaffir

“Like the Violent Femmes on speed” - AMNY

[On Tompkins Sq Park show] “The crowd, an eclectic group, erupted at the song’s first hard-charging chords. Teens with dyed hair danced beside parents with their children, while older observers rapidly tapped their feet.” - Bedford + Bowery

"Fortunately, time travel is not necessary to enjoy the euphonious sound of this talented trio.” - Horns Magazine

"The fashion sense of a free pile and a spooky, sugary warble like the reincarnation of Billie Holiday." - The Wildness

"Delightfully off-kilter and literally underground." - Brooklyn Paper

+++A feature on the New York Times

+++Also, my band Mo.Tom.Bo! got featured The Villager