drums are my "main" instrument, the one i learned first. i only studied a little bit of jazz, for a year, with Chilean maestro Andy Baeza. the rest, pure self taught. i have drums in a few bands, but the most important one is Pinc Louds, in NYC. i played there for 6 years, recorded 2 albums, one EP and toured in the US and Europe. it was a beautiful experience. one of the most interesting things about, as a drummer, was the constant blend of styles, thus the need to take stuff from so many places: Rock, Jazz, Blues, Bomba y Plena, Punk. they all got put in a jukebox with a fun result. listen for yourself.

some of the press we got:

"Pinc Louds is the most inventive and the most happening band to come out of New York City in nearly 20 years.” (The Manhattan Beat)

"Fortunately, time travel is not necessary to enjoy the euphonious sound of this talented trio.” (Horns Magazine)

“Pinc Louds combines all the best parts of NYC into one band. They’re underground, yet inclusive; they’re unique yet relatable and they encourage people to let their true selves shine.” (BTRtoday)

Pinc Louds at Astor Place, NYC. Photo credit: Gerson Vargas.