been melting songs together. world wide open. the old and to move forward... rediscovering what the beat is.

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november 2022. i'll be at Hart Bar, in Buswhick for a residency. 3 show. each show will be very different from each other. sharing with these wonderful humans (and their machines):

11/2 daniel hass (cello) and jacob matheusn (guitar)

11/16 with Haldeman (guitar)

11/30 e-drum circle with Joel Mateo and Lautaro "El Primo" Burgos

august 2022. i dedicate this short piece to Dennis. while waiting for travel documents i stayed at his house, in Paris. he is a long time family friend. he traveled the world until a horrible disease made him unable to move. he passed away a couple of years ago.

he was the most curious person i have ever met.

here, i don´t use samples. its just me, and a couple of knobs.

listen to "dennis" here.

august 2022. drums are made of chopped wood. i miss playing the chopped wood. been away for while now. this mix is made out of, almost entirely, drum samples from south, central, and north america. you can hear drums from Haiti, Cuba, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, also some polynesian drums. Chile colonized Rapa Nui, so we have some closeness. 

drums are calling me to be patient and wait.

listen here.

july 2022. u can listen to my show at refuge world wide radio, in Berlin. sort of like a DJ set. this show is using songs exclusively from south, central and north america. America:::melting.

"America::: melting" is a journey through the diverse expressions of South American folk. It is at the same time a cry for help in times of extreme globalization, climate change and political violence, and a celebration of the diversity of cultural expressions across the continent. Melting refers to the way Raimundo blends tracks together, the unfolding climate catastrophe, and psychological meltdown.